Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime mortgages

John Earnshaw Independent Financial Advisers Ltd provides impartial advice on a wide range of equity release plans allowing you to access some of the equity or value within your home.

Sound financial advice

Whether the requirement is for a cash lump sum, a monthly income provided by an annuity (an income for life) or a mixture of both, John Earnshaw Independent Financial Advisers Ltd are able to advise on a suitable plan to help meet your financial requirements. There are many types of schemes available, providing house owners with the opportunity to obtain an initial cash lump sum as well as a pre-approved cash reserve facility, from which future withdrawals may be made over a period of say, 10 years.

Our services are available across the UK from our office in Poulton-le-Fylde. Contact us for more details.

Lifetime mortgages
Call John Earnshaw Independent Financial Advisers Ltd on 01253 890 514 for assistance with lifetime mortgages across Blackpool, Lancashire and the UK.
equity release
This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. A cash lump sum or income from an equity release scheme may reduce the borrower's eligibility to state benefits. An equity release scheme will reduce the value of the borrower's estate and may leave nothing to pass on as an inheritance. There may be a fee for lifetime mortgage advice. The maximum fee would be £ 495.

Is equity release right for you?

Are you prepared to use the value locked up in your home? Please consider the following:
  • Have you considered downsizing, grants, use of savings?
  • Have you considered your eligibility for state benefits and the effect equity release benefits may have?
  • Have you considered your tax position?
  • Have you spoken to your family and other beneficiaries of your will?
  • Have you considered your health and life expectancy and the effect of changes in house values?
  • Do you have an existing mortgage on your property which would need to be repaid?
  • Equity release is not a vehicle to reinvest the funds into medium and long term investments.
  • Any amount released should not exceed your current requirements and be appropriate to your attitude to risk.
  • What are your future plans?
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